A Report on Indian Railways Passenger Feedback Survey

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1.0 Introduction:

A passenger feedback survey was conducted by National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara during the “Upbhokta Pakhwada” organised by the Indian Railways from 26.05.15 to 09.06.15. The members of the faculty of the academy were on the job to interact with the passengers onboard various trains running through Vadodara division of Western Railway with the questionnaire. The purpose of the survey was to have an insight into Passengers’ satisfaction level pertaining to various services provided to the passengers at platform and onboard.

2.0 Survey:

2.1 Sample size – Responses from 300 passengers onboard in eighteen trains were collected.

2.2 Eighteen trains, mostly mail/express were covered, and passengers of both AC and non-AC classes of accommodation were interacted. The trains (Nos.) were – 16333, 12656, 12471, 19040, 16337, 12933, 12478, 12917, 12926, 12010, 12834, 16533, 12656, 18406, 12934, 15046, 12478 and 16506.

2.3 The method adopted for the survey was guided/interactive questionnaire through which responses were gathered by the academy from individual passengers. Naturally, the responses were the perceptions of the customers who rated the various services on the Likert scale, 1-5.

2.4 There were ten items against which the respondents were expected to express their choices. The items were –

(i) Punctuality of trains,

(ii) Passenger amenities onboard,

(iii) Passenger amenities at stations,

(iv) Cleanliness,

(v) Catering in trains/at stations,

(vi) Behaviour of staff,

(vii) Information availability/display,

(viii) Security at station/ in trains,

(ix) Facilities for Sr Citizens and women,

(x) Toilets.


3.0 Findings:

The item, ‘Punctuality in Trains’ scored the highest with average score of 3.67 in the scale of 5, while the item, like ‘Toilets’ scored the lowest at 2.27. The detailed can be seen in the following table –


Items Punctuality in trains Passenger Amenities in Trains Passenger Amenities at stations Cleanliness Catering at stations/ in trains Behaviour of staff Information availability /display Security at stations /trains Facilities for Sr. Citizens and women Toilets
Average Score 3.67 3.00 2.85 2.67 2.75 3.27 3.29 2.88 2.92 2.27


The average score against each item can be shown in a chart as below:

The item-wise responses of the passengers with the modest sample size of 300 can be shown as below:

4.0 Conclusion:

The survey conducted during the “Upbhokta Pakhwada” was of exploratory research in nature. It gave preliminary information about the perception of passenger towards various services provided by the Indian Railways in general and Western Railway in particular.

The findings would certainly help the executives for doing further detailed survey and collect data to ascertain the level of customer satisfaction. This would in turn help them to take necessary action to manage customer satisfaction and increase service quality. Needless to say, creating unique customer experience has always been a mission area for the largest state-owned transporter of India.






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