Agreement between Google and Railways for Providing Wi-Fi Facilities to Passengers

RailTel Corporation of India Limited (RCIL), one of the Public Sector Undertakings of Railways, has entered into an agreement with M/s. Mahataa Information India Private Limited (MIIPL) a group company of M/s. Google Inc. for providing high speed Wi-Fi facility at Railway stations.

Wi-Fi project shall be undertaken in two phases to cover 75 Class A1 and 325 Class A stations. 100 stations out of total of A1 and A category shall be covered in phase-I and 300 stations in phase-II. Non-Suburban stations with an annual passenger earning of more than Rs 60 crores are categorised as A1 stations. Non-Suburban stations with an annual passenger earnings of Rs 8 crores and upto Rs 60 crores are categorised as A stations.

The project is cost neutral to Railways and all capital expenditure is to be incurred by RCIL and M/s. MIIPL, a group company of M/s. Google.

Initially in Phase-I, the work is being taken up at 100 class A-1/A stations, after completion of which, work on 300 class A-1/A stations shall be taken up in phase-II.

Mumbai Central is expected to be among the first railway stations to boast of free Wi-Fi. The service will be free for the first 30 minutes after which users have to pay a particular amount for the usage, much like how users access free internet on the airport. Google has promised high-speed connectivity with the ability to download a movie in just four minutes.



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  1. That real Good news … Google and Indian Railways will work together!!!!

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