Innovative Use of “Day Light Pipe Technology” for Natural Illumination

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South Central Railway, the first Railway to implement “Day Light Pipe Technology” in its pursuit towards energy conservation has gone into a big way to enhance its use.  The Zone, which undertook the first trial of the light pipe o­n the 7th floor of Rail Nilayam in 2011, has so far installed 86 natural day light pipe systems at various locations over its network, which is equivalent to 100 kW light load. The Zone plans to provide 39 day light pipe systems more, by end of March 2016.

The “Day Light Pipe Technology”, after the initial experience and performance watch trial, was implemented at Railway Printing Press adjacent to Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad at a cost of Rs.3.96 lakhs.  o­n provision of day light pipe system lighting load of 1.8 KW has been removed.  The reduction in lighting load itself has brought out saving of around Rupees Sixty Three Thousands per annum and lighting lux level increased from 160 lux to 400 lux.  The installed cost of “Day Light Pipe Technology” will be recovered in six and a half years, whereas life of day light pipe system is about 30 years.

The use of “Day Light Pipe Technology” holds advantage, as the sunlight is constant source of light unlike artificial light obtained through Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), Fluorescent Tube Light (FTL), Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights, Induction Lamps etc. which flicker 100 times/second.  Working in sunlight reduces strain o­n human eyes and thus brain fag too.

Technology at work….

The “Day Light Pipe Technology” is an innovation based o­n very simple principles. The day light is collected through a dome which has prismatic cut for ray banding technology and sends, sun light down in a pipe. The Light gets reflected inside light pipe, having reflexivity of 95% to 99% and at the end. Light is obtained through diffuser for uniform illumination.  The air inside the light pipe acts as insulator, therefore ensuring that the heat gain inside the room is very low. The light pipe can be installed crossing floor and also with bends etc.

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