Letter from a Professor to the probationers-Lessons from the cricket match

It was wonderful to see the response to the cricket match organized over the weekend between the probationers of NAIR and the officers from Vadodara division. There was a problem of plenty as we had to choose from 26 officers by watching their performance on the nets. It was difficult as no one was willing to judge his peers and be the bad guy. But what was heartening that when a batsman hit a good shot or a baller balled a good delivery the others applauded the same. A talented person is recognized anywhere and one have to perform in the organization (even Railways) to win the respect and admiration of his peers.

Luckily the other team was late so we ended up playing a 10 over match and all players were able to showcase their talent. This was followed by a 15 over match with officers from the division which was also a close affair.

Did the whole experience have some lessons for us and what was the take away? Players who had been adversaries in the first match played the next one together. There was camaraderie and the team performed well. These officers are nascent in the organization and flexible in their approach and  it is for the seniors to groom them. One thing is true they were loyal and true to the spirit of the game and no matter where they serve in which ever division or position they would be loyal to the organization.

The way the players fielded or reacted when they hit a boundary or perhaps got hit by the batsman was a test of their character. Cricket is a big leveler and in the end everything evens out. One could see who was involved and who was not. While some of the players would buck up the others with some motivational applause there were others who waited for their turn to bowl or bat. Very few were keen to do the thankless job of umpiring and standing in the sun. Everyone wants to be in the limelight but trains are run by people who the passengers may have never seen or heard of. A good manager of course is the one who works to make himself dispensable from the system so that it functions well even without him.

In the end everyone shook hands and acknowledged each other. There were no winners or losers; it was the game of cricket which was the eventual winner. There were smiling faces and perhaps many took this opportunity to make friends for life. As they say opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor…



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  1. Rajnish Kumar (Probationer)

    Well written sir…hope we all learn a lot from you in various facets of life in coming times.Though I missed this opportunity to play alongside you or against you, I enjoyed asking my friends about the match. Hopeful to play in coming weekends😊

  2. Sir,
    Wish I could be a student at NAIR to experience such great thoughts .
    Such thoughts make us more passion on Indian Railways and wish many more such thoughts will be shared.
    Motto: Share the Knowledge.
    Five Lesson of the article are as follows:
    At work too people accept options and solutions which appear fair and this also provides credibility to the leader.
    Most problems arise because of egos and lack of communication.
    One should grab the small opportunities one gets in life and excel as this would open up new avenues in the future.
    We will eventually get what is due to us so we should not try too hard to grab what is not rightfully ours.
    Enjoy every moment of your job.

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