Letter from a Professor to the Probationers –More lessons from the cricket field

Another amazing weekend with lots of cricket played and lessons for the taking. There were 26 officers who gave their word to be available for the match but in the end only 18 were there at the stipulated time. People give their word perhaps to keep their options open knowing quite well that they may not keep it. So we should expect about 60%compliance when we organize events in service.

As we reached the ground there was dew on the pitch and we thought that it would be a late start to our match. However, we found an innovative solution (Sachin Tendulkars idea) and decided to play the twenty over match in two spells of 10 over each. This would even out the disadvantage the team batting first would have due to moisture. This idea appeared fair and was accepted easily by all the officers. At work too people accept options and solutions which appear fair and this also provides credibility to the leader. Further, each innings was played from one end and this resulted in less time wasted and less energy spent in changing the field. In life and at work too try to keep things simple and seek to find easy solutions which give the desired result. Most problems arise because of egos and lack of communication.

The team selection was done by segregating the players (resources) as baller, batsmen and all-rounder and getting both the captains to choose from each subset so as to have a balanced outfit. This ensured that the game would be even and all the players would get an opportunity to showcase their talent and excel. This also meant competition between equals and this would be fun and competitive. At work too things would be simple if we share the resources and deliver for the organization rather than waste all our time in grabbing the most railways has to offer.

Since we were nine a side the support staff was also included in the team to help as fielders. As the game progressed one of the support staff indicated that he too could ball and was given an opportunity to do so. They felt part of the team and were interested as another opportunity might fall their way. This was evident in the effort put by them in fielding and smiles at the end of the game. The Support boy took the opportunity he got and balled well and even grabbed a wicket. This effort got him more balling opportunities as the game progressed. He balled from both sides and maintained his loyalty to the team for which he was playing at that time. One should grab the small opportunities one gets in life and excel as this would open up new avenues in the future. One may not get the opportunity on a platter and he may need to ask for it or make it happen.

The first team was down and out and then the main batsman of the second team got out. The first team managed to take a lead of 8 runs in the first innings and they were on top. The second innings had its ups and downs. The main batsmen of the first team got out and they could only manage 65(Target 74 after adding the first innings lead). The other team started fluently and inspite of their main batsman falling early other hero’s emerged and they amassed the runs in the eighth over. Cricket like life is a great leveler. We will eventually get what is due to us so we should not try too hard to grab what is not rightfully ours. Remember the hare and the tortoise race.

In the end both the teams were happy as the match had been interesting and fair. Players were remembering different moments of the games and the mistakes they made and got out and were perhaps making commitments to self to improve and learn from these mistakes. Winning and losing did not matter and it was the game of cricket which again stood out the winner. Lot of camaraderie and friendship could be seen. Enjoy every moment of your job: make friends and enjoy your life as you only live once.  Remember every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.




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