Make in India week at Mumbai-Takeaways

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Make in India is a campaign designed to facilitate investment, develop skill and innovation in the manufacturing sector in India. The campaign is expected to create over 100 million jobs locally.  Till date the campaign has 2.1 billion impressions on social media, an overall fan base of over 3 million on Face book (FB), and as many as 263,000 followers on Twitter (TWTR). The power of social media has been harnessed to cut across geographical and demographic boundaries and to unite Indians globally for this initiative.

Mumbai was alive and every second hoarding reminded the people that a mega event was happening in their city. There was no doubt that there was enough publicity and the footfalls at the event were evidence for the same. Every big organization wanted to be associated with the campaign and they were trying to connect their vision with the theme. So the lesson was that if we communicate well and cross a threshold the campaign becomes a chain reaction. Everyone wants to make the best of the window of opportunity and align accordingly.

Some key stats about India were on display and were very informative. About 8% of India’s GDP comes from construction activity and India is the fourth largest electricity consumer in the World. India is also the third largest producer of chemicals in Asia and the second largest exporter of ayurvedic and alternative medicine globally. India has launched about 57 satellites for 20 countries till date and India’s IT industry has saved USD 200 Billion for the clients since 2011.

India is very innovative but it is high time we innovate from the beginning i.e. the design stage itself rather than looking at frugal innovation at the manufacturing stage. It was surprising to learn from DIPP that we register very few patents in India and out of these only 24% are registered by Indians. So are we doing the hard work and somebody else making money of it? The case may be similar for IR and there is a case to streamline the procedure for filing patents so that a railway gets the credit. If we design we can better cater to our requirements and this is true because very few imported products can be used off the shelf. Also as the economy advances we need to move towards the services sector. The presence of eminent speakers and institutions like Sadguru helped to spread the message loud and clear.

There were meetings and the event provided a platform for MOU’s to be signed and collaborations to be forged. The meeting halls were the venues for many such partnerships. It was nice to see the Chief Ministers and Principal Secretaries attending the event and looking at ways of developing their states and wooing the companies to make in India (and their state). If the top man is involved it helps to cut down the red tape and speed up the procedure. India has jumped twelve places in the ease of doing business and this shows that there has been a boost to investor confidence.

Various companies had showcased their products and it was heartening to see so much collaboration in the defense sector which will add to India’s resilience. There were students from the IIT’s with their Pluto drones and new ways of machining the aircraft engines. There were students from NID with their innovative designs of chairs and hangers.  Companies which studied the office and analyzed the workforce and created spaces for the employees to achieve the goal of the organization had set up stalls. Green fuel run buses-ethanol, hybrid buses etc were on display and so were the new models of the automobiles. Sweden, Russia, Korea, Japan, UK etc were some of the countries actively involved.

I am sure with the new technology coming in India will traverse the path of sustainable development and the environment will be conducive to global partnerships for the benefit of mankind. It is for us to see how IR can use this forum to make in India and capture the World market for Railway equipment.



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  1. Excellent initiative. This is certainly going to make Indian great again!

    Ranit Frank Team

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