Research and Development in Indian Railways

Research and Development

RDSO is the sole R&D organisation of Indian Railways(IR) and functions as the technical advisor to Railway Board, Zonal Railways and Production Units. One of the major roles that RDSO has played is that of developing and maintaining standards and specifications which ensure that all different technologies are able to work together as a system, in turn making it possible for IR to operate seamlessly without any technology limitations.

RDSO also offers international consultancy services in matters pertaining to design, testing and inspection of railway equipments as well as survey for construction of new lines. The significant accomplishments of RDSO in the sphere of research & development have always attracted worldwide attention. Some of the important activities and projects undertaken/completed by RDSO during the year 2014-15 are given below:


Development of Radio Based Advance Warning System(RBAWS) for Unmanned Level Crossing

Specification of Brake Interface Unit (BIU) for Train Collision

Avoidance System and Distributed Power Control System for locomotives fitted with IRAB Class of Brake System

Modification Sheet for relocation of horn from roof mounted to near the head light in ALCO class of Diesel Electric Locomotives for field trials

Development of specification for Loco Cab Video and Voice Recording System for Diesel Electric Loco

Mod Sheet for disabling Vigilance Control Device (VCD) reset through VCD reset push button from the non-working control stand/desk of single cab Diesel Electric Locomotives (ALCO and HHP Loco)

Provision of Additional Spring Catcher to prevent the main raising spring to fly off in case of breakage of spring for High Speed Pantograph Type IRO3H

Safety against fire in IR coaches

Safety at Unmanned Level Crossing- provision of hoarding to warn road users

Development of Crashworthy Design of Coach

Drawing and Speed Certificate for transportation of 20 rail panel loaded in five tiers on End Unloading Rake

Passenger Amenities:

Development of Double Decker Coach Design

Development of integrated Passenger Information System (PIS) for Mainline and EMU Coaches Roof Mounted Ventilation Units (RMVUs) for 3-Phase AC EMU of MRVC Phase-II project for Mumbai Sub-urban Services

Development of Hotel Load Converter

On-Board Wireless Public Address System

Code of practice for improved passenger amenities to be provided at Adarsh Stations on IR

Energy Audit Manual for IR


Wagon to carry bulldozer for Accident Relief

Investigation of ballastless track problems in tunnels on Konkan Railway

Development of high rise OHE

STT-49 maintenance schedule of MTRC system for GSM-R

TAN for providing Short Message Services (SMS) in existing GSM-R network of IR

Thermo-shrink jointing kit for Quad Cable

Remote Unmanned Data Logger

128 channels DAQ system for Stress Investigation Test

Operational Efficiency:

Detailed oscillation and EBD trial of 3-coach HS-SPART (with voith transmission) up to maximum speed of 135 kmph on track maintained to C&M-I, Vol.-1 Standard

Design & development of 1400/1600hp fuel efficient Multi Gen Set WDS6G locomotive for shunting

Development of specification for 2200hp Diesel Engine for DMUs over IR

Running trial of 16 LHB AC-CC coaches with 2 Hotel Load HHP locomotives without power car

Specification for 4500/5000 HP Dual Mode locomotive for passenger service

Preparation of draft specification for Dual Mode Goods Locomotive

Development of Microprocessor controlled Brakes System (Type ILS- EIR12) for the 3-phase Electric Locomotive

Design & development of 7,775 KVA transformer with two separate winding and up rated hotel load capacity

Alternate Drive Gear System suitable for 200 kmph

New Insulation Scheme used for EMU/MEMU (Type-4601)

Approval of modified design of DE Bearing (NU2236 of M/s FAG)

Development of V-Belt driven PM alternator for LHB and Conventional Coaches

Development of High Capacity Power Car for 24 coach operation of Rajdhani/Shatabadi trains

Introduction of EMU train sets

Design & development of 25T open wagon

Design & development of 25T container flat wagon

Development of Low Weight-Low Height(LWLH) Bogie (25Tons axle load)

Development and patenting of higher capacity steel coil carrying flat wagon of 22.9T axle load capacity

Modification and improvement in the design of Heat Treated Welded Crossing

Indigenous Development:

Improvement in ride quality and speed potential of WDG5 locomotives

Design & development of HTSC Mark-I light weight cast truck frame for EMD locomotive

Design modification of HTSC FAB-II fabricated bogie frame for HHP locomotives

HTSC fabricated bogie frame with TBU application for HHP locomotives

Design & development of Cast ALCO Engine Block

Development of indigenous vendor for ‘Bearings for Traction Motor, ALCO Locomotives-(NU328 & NH318 Rivetless)’

Development of indigenous vendor for ‘Auxiliary Generator for EMD Locomotives’

Special Purpose Wagon for transportation of salt

Developments in Auto Car Wagons (BCACBM)

Development of CBC with balanced Draft Gear

Design & development of air spring at secondary suspension stage of bogie in IR

Development of air spring for LHB coaches

Amendment of the specification for Power Saver in lighting system for IR

Amendment of the specification for Stand Alone Solar Photovoltaic LED based street lighting system for Level Crossing Gates

Amendment of the specification for fault tolerant Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system for PRS, EDP centers and other similar requirements

Standardization of drawing for Automatic Banner Flag on Manned Level Crossing

Development of 1:10 Movable Switch Diamond

Rail Free Fastening System (RFFS) of RDSO’s design

Development of Rail Free Fastening System, Development of two types of indigenous EMUs with better safety features, better passenger comfort and energy efficient technology

Key Features of the indigenous EMU with roof mounted Ventilation Units

Development of light weight Push Trolley

Inspection and Quality Audit:

Streamlining the procedure of approval of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for Mobile Flash But Welding Plants

Checklist for inspection of AT Welding and USFD testing in the field


During the year, nine (9) Consultancy Reports/Inspection Reports have been issued to Zonal Railways for various track-formation related problems at different locations

Tests and Trials:

Field Trial of Low Lube Oil Power Assembly (LLOPA) for HHP Locomotives : To overcome problems of Zonal Railways regarding the failures of power assembly components viz. cylinder liner, piston valve and reported high lube oil consumption (LOC), on the directions of RDSO, M/s GE have developed Low Lube Oil Power Assembly (LLOPA) to enhance reliability and to reduce lube oil consumption.

High Speed Trial of Train : High speed trial of train at 160 kmph utilizing 3-phase WAP5 electric loco was carried out between New Delhi to Agra on 03.07.2014. Trial was carried out to verify all parameters of safety and compliance of all was found within limit. This was the highest speed recorded by a train in the country.

Speed Certificate of WAP-5(MU): Final speed certificate no.SD.WAP5.11 for operation of 2WAP5 (MU) class of locomotive up to a maximum speed of 160 kmph with single pantograph working on track maintained to C&M–I vol-I standard has been issued.

To address the problem regarding fitment of CCB Panel in-fringing scavenging blower mounting assembly, performance tests were conducted of the modified CCB system and results were found within specified limit and the installation drawing of the modified CCB has been approved

Three Phase Propulsion System for EMU: Subsequent to successful introduction of 115, 12car AC-DC energy efficient 3-phase AC EMUs in Central & Western Railway under MRVC Phase-I project, 72 new AC EMU rakes with State of the Art Technology with regeneration of more than 30% will be introduced under MRVC Phase-II project during the year 2014-15 & 2015-16. IGBT based microprocessor controlled; three phase propulsion & other equipment for this project are being supplied by M/s Bombardier. After successful completion of test & trials, two prototype rakes have been put into commercial services and performing satisfactorily from the date of inception in services i.e. 18.03.2015.

Track Recording as per stipulated frequency: Track Machines directorate monitors the health of the track on IR through Track Recording Cars and sends the details to concerned Zonal Railways so that the track can be attended to timely, thus reducing failures during service. In the year 2014-15, total 1,11,477 kms. has been recorded while during the year 2013-14, a total of 85,589 track Kms was recorded by Track Recording Cars. Two high speed laser contact less sensor based Track Recording Cars(TRCs)capable of recording rail wear alongwith track geometry parameters serving at maximum speed of 160 kmph have been procured for monitoring health of IR track at high speed.

Trials to assess the riding behavior of Rolling Stock: RDSO has conducted various trials to assess the riding behavior of rolling stock for safe running. Such trials are conducted on all new designs of rolling stock as well as all major design modifications affecting safety of running. Some are given as:

AC EMU MRVC Phase-II coaches with M/s Bombardier electrics

Three coach high speed “SPART” with two power packs manufactured by ICF, Chennai fitted with Voith transmission

1600 hp HHP DEMU coaches fitted with pneumatic suspension at secondary stage manufactured by ICF Chennai

BOXN HL wagon to RDSO Drg. No. Wd-05086-s-02 alt.8 having axle load of 22.90 ton fitted with Non Metallic MS-25 side bearers/ spring loaded side bearers to Drg. no.WD-12008-s/1WAG5 Taochi converted locomotive

25 tonne axle load broad gauge bogie open wagon type “GONDOLA 25”

Emergency braking distance trials of :

WDG4D (dual cab) loco on BRC-ST section

WDG5 loco on BRC-ST section

WDP4DD loco on DD-MMR section

12 LHB coaches with WAP5 loco at 160 kmph

AC EMU MRVC phase-II coaches with M/s Bomabardier electrics

3 coach High speed SPART with two power packs

Squeeze load test of:

BRN (22.9t) BMBS wagon

BLC “B” wagon manufactured by Golden Rock Workshop, Trichy,

BCNHL Wagon (Design–E) by M/s Jindal Rail Infrastructure Limited, Vadodara.

BOXNHL Wagon by M/s Amtek Railcar Industries Pvt Ltd. Sadhugarh, Punjab

Coupler Force trials:

21 air braked LHB type coaches fitted with EP assist brake system

12 car AC EMU MRVC Phase-II (4 units) fitted with M/s Bombardier Electrics

Coupler force trial of 24 ICF loaded coaches and Controllability, EBD & coupler force trials of 58 BOXN loaded wagon in Lumbding-Silchar section

Metro stock:

Oscillation and EBD trials of Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (JMRCL) coaches

Oscillation and EBD trials of Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) coaches

Oscillation and EBD trials of Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd. (HMRL) coaches

Various trials have been conducted successfully for improving passenger amenities on rakes / stocks are given as:

Longitudinal jerk trials of:

Train comprising of 24 AC/Non AC coaches hauled by WDP4 loco over Lucknow-New Delhi

Train comprising of 24 AC/Non AC coaches hauled by WDP4B loco over Lucknow-New Delhi

Duronto express (12220 &12219 ) hauled by WDM3D locomotive over Secundrabad –Lokmanya Tilak terminus-Secundrabad upto a maximum speed of 110 kmph

Ahmedabad -Ajmer Intercity Express rake of LHB coaches over Ahmedabad-Gandhidham

Delhi-JammuTawi Express of LHB coaches

Mumbai –New Delhi LHB Rajdhani rake hauled by WAP5 locomotive upto a maximum speed of 130 kmph

Conduct of various trials to improve Operational Efficiency:

Haulage capacity controllability and EBD trials of 8 wheeler self-propelled overhead (OHE) inspection car (DETC/US) manufactured by ICF Chennai over Palakkad-Podanur section

Dynamometer Car tests to prove Tractive effort/Braking effort/ Speed characteristics of WAG9H locomotive having IGBT based propulsion system of M/S MEDHA over Dornakal-Karepalli-Bhadrachalam Road section

Vibration testing of WDP4D class of locomotive up to maximum test speed of 105 kmph on Lucknow-Sultanpur section of Northern Railway

Oscillation trials, Coupler force, Negotiability, Emergency Braking Distance and Service Braking trials of EUR rake composed of 21 BRN/BRNA/BRNAHS wagons carrying total 60 rail panels of 260 m length each loaded in 5 layers and one 8-wheeler covered wagon over Daund-Manmad section

Route clearance study trials:

Rake of 10 nos. of coaches on Kacheguda-Guntur- Kacheguda-Tirupati section

Rake of 10 nos. of coaches and 02 nos. of LHB generator van on Lokmanya Tilak Terminal and Madgaon section

Rake of 14 nos. of coaches with 03 LHB Power car between Kacheguda-Vijayawada section

Rake of 14 nos. of coaches with 03 LHB Power car between Kacheguda–Guntur and Kacheguda-Tirupati section

Rake of 12 nos. of coaches with 02 LHB Generator vans hauled by a single WDP4B diesel locomotive between Lucknow-Anand Vihar section

Confirmatory Oscillograph Car run of :

New Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi Express at 160 kmph

Rajendranagar-New Delhi Rajdhani express rake fitted with M/s Faiveley make centre buffer couplers and Floating plate type draft gear hauled by WAP4 locomotive.

12 LHB AC EOG coaches fitted with “H” type tight lock Couplers in Shatabdi Express and similar trains over New Delhi-Agra section

Validation of draft gear modelling and comfort criteria in New Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi Express during its service run

Testing of Brake interface unit for TCAS loco interface developed by M/s Kernex, Hyderabad in Air Brake laboratory.

Haulage capacity, controllability and EBD Trial, of ‘8-Wheeler Self-propelled Overhead Equipment (OHE) Inspection Car’, with double engine version, manufactured by M/s BEML, fitted with all Coil BEML Bogie alongwith two vehicles (having maximum gross load of 65 tonne), upto maximum test speed of 65 kmph, over Palghat – Podanur Section of Southern Railway, have been successfully completed, during 15.06.2014 to 30.06.2014.

Track monitoring runs are conducted every six months of four Rajdhani routes i.e New Delhi- Chennai, New Delhi- Mumbai and New Delhi-Howrah to ensure operational efficiency and passenger comfort. Track Monitoring runs of New Delhi-Agra is conducted every four months at the maximum speed of 150 kmph.



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