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RDSO – The Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) is an ISO 9001 research and development organization under the Ministry of Railways of India, which functions as a technical adviser and consultant to the Railway Board, the Zonal Railways, the Railway Production Units, RITES and IRCON International in respect of design and standardization of railway equipment and problems related to railway construction, operation and maintenance.

RDSO also offers international consultancy services in matters pertaining to design, testing and inspection of railway equipments as well as survey for construction of new lines. The significant accomplishments of RDSO in the sphere of research & development have always attracted worldwide attention.

Some of the important activities & projects under taken are given below:­


  • Development of Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).
  • Development of Advanced Auxiliary Warning System
  • (AAWS).
  • Development of Accident Site Communication Systems
  • Consisting of Remote Quick Deployable Auto Acquiring Suitcase Type Portable V-SAT and Accident Site Equipments.
  • Development of Compressors with Oil Free Technology.
  • Development of High Reach Pantographs with auto dropping device.
  • Modification of Bogie Mounting Nose.
  • Development of Emergency light unit-Reliable safety equipment to cope up with disaster.
  • Development and Standardization of Safety items viz Scotch Block, Wedge, Skid and Padlock.

Passenger Amenities:

  • Design & Development of Roof Mounted AC package Unit for Double Decker AC coaches (with EOG system)with the increased passenger capacity & comfort.
  • Design & Development of Roof Mounted Ventilation Unit for 3 phase EMU for MRVC phase II project for Mumbai sub­urban services.
  • To provide facility of Broadband Internet (Wi-Fi) on Running
  • Trains Through Two-way Satellite Communication.
  • To provide Testing Facilities for Assessing Fire Retardant.
  • Development of SMPS based Telecom Integrated Power Supply System for Station.
  • Development of New Fuel Consumption Measuring System.
  • Development of High-precision optical-electronic encoder for angle related measurement in internal combustion engines.
  • Development of Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer Spectrometer (EEPS).
  • Procurement of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR).
  • Upgraded Test bed facility for 12 Cylinder ALCO Engine and 6 Cylinder ALCO Engine.
  • Setting up of full fledged Composite Development Centre.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Alternate Drive gear system suitable for 200 Kmph.
  • Improved design Breather assembly for 25 KV AC Electric locomotives.
  • Improvement in Adhesion of WAG9/WAG9H Locomotives.
  • Provision of Speed Caution Board for Negotiating Rising Gradients.
  • Elimination of Control Unit by adoption of coil protection unit to improve reliability of Vacuum Circuit Breaker.
  • Interchangeability of different make VCBs to be used for single phase & three phase Electric Locos.
  • Improvement in reliability of power supply system in Self Generating AC coaches.
  • Design of Special Wagons to Cater to the Bulk Cement Industry.
  • Design and Development of Parcel Van & Brake Van.

Indigenous Development:

  • Development of 2×500 KVA, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) based hotel load converter for WAP-7 Locomotive.
  • Development of Design Document for High Rise Over Head Equipment (OHE) for Running Double Stack Container.
  • Design and Development Roof Mounted AC package Unit for Metro Railway, Kolkata.
  • Indigenous development of advanced software embedded for signalling systems.
  • Common Rail Electronic Direct Injection System (CRDI) for ALCO Engines.
  • Design and Development of Turbocharger to Suit Miller Cycle Timings for Higher Fuel Efficiency and Reduced Emissions.
  • Framing of New Specification/Revision of existing Specification of track machines.

Annual Report of RDSO, Lucknow 2013-14



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